The Transition to Solar Power With Zimbabwe's Best Solar Solutions Provider!

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Thinking About Going Solar? You will Want to Read This First:

You might be thinking about going solar to reduce your electricity bills at home and protect the environment for your kids and grandkids. Or your concern is maximising the energy independence of a commercial building and reaping the benefits of solar as a reliable form of energy that guarantees you’ll be able to trade without interruption.

No matter what your reason for tapping into the benefits of solar, this blog gives you all the basics you’ll need to start your solar journey or get informed in a quick 10 minute read.

Start a Seamless Transition to Solar withThe Right Solutions Provider:

One way to go solar is to first choose your product from a supplier, then arrange its setup with another supplier who does installations only. We would recommend you could choose an end-to-end solution that offers you quality and reliability – from your very first question, through expert solution planning and design, all the way to reaping the benefits of an optimal renewable energy solution.

At Solar Options Zimbabwe, we design and install high-quality solar projects with our own in-house team headed by a dedicated foreman who has the appropriate training, experience and qualifications. Whether you’re interested in solar for residential or commercial, we provide a turnkey renewable energy solution, start to finish.

Which Solar Power Solution Should You Choose?

Battery Back-Up Solution

A battery solution is ideal for family homes and small businesses that need battery backup power when Eskom is down. Unlike generators, this solution is quiet and convenient to use, and environmentally friendly. A battery Solution will automatically operate during load shedding or in the event of an unexpected power outage.

A Solar Only Solution

Best for properties in which most electricity is consumed during the day, a solar-only solution includes a solar panel array with an inverter. This is a great way to reduce your electricity bill and optimise energy efficiency because the power generated by the panels means you are not using electricity from the electrical grid so long as the solar panels are exposed to the sun.

A Hybrid Solar Solution

If you want to be completely energy independent and energy-efficient, and invest in your future and that of the next generation by going green, then a hybrid solar solution is right for you. The solution is a collection of components – solar panels, a charge controller, an inverter and a battery – that allow you to run a Solar Power System for your home or business.
The Transition to Solar Power With Zimbabwe's Best Solar Solutions Provider!
The Transition to Solar Power With Zimbabwe's Best Solar Solutions Provider!
We use Alpha ESS advanced battery storage products and intelligent energy management solutions for both our residential and commercial customers. This globally renowned range of products includes user-friendly Alpha Cloud monitoring software to help you maximise your energy savings. This makes the running of your solar power system worry-free – you benefit from safe operation with built-in system protection mechanisms, quick response to any problems with remote diagnostics as well as local technical support from Alpha engineers. You also get free upgrades for life and easy updating of your system online or via a USB drive.

Customising a Solar Package That Works For You

We’re constantly excited by the innovation and premium technology on offer in the renewable energy space so we know there’s no need to squeeze your unique needs into one solution. We offer our customers the freedom to customise their own solutions with our solar packages. What does this mean for you?

You may already be aware of the substantial financial and environmental benefits of going solar. Even so, this can be an expensive investment that calls for a large payment of cash upfront. But there are various financing options when installing a solar power system:

  1. Pay cash if you have the available capital,
  2. Access a loan to buy the system, or
  3. Rent the system from the owner – this includes a rent-to-own option.

Owning your solar power system produces the highest savings in the long run but renting a solar power system is ideal if you can’t manage the upfront costs of cash payment, don’t qualify for a loan or don’t qualify for any tax incentives.

Interested in Taking The First Step?

To get an instant quote use our handy sizing tool for an idea of the size of the system you should select.

Going solar is the smart thing to do for your home or business and the right thing to do for the environment. But we do understand that it can feel like a big when you’re starting out, which is why we’re here to help you through the transition. Take the first step towards energy independence and lower electricity bills.

About Solar Options Zimbabwe:

Solar Options Zimbabwe Empowers People To Make Smarter Solar Systems Decisions, Through Simplicity, Transparency, and Choice. Solar Options Zimbabwe gives you access to transparent information so you can make informed decisions, confidently. We connect you with The Best Solar Companies in Zimbabwe who are competing to earn your business.

Solar Options Zimbabwe is the go-to marketplace for making confident energy decisions and gaining control over the buying process.

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