The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Jinko Solar Panels Review (Updated 2023)

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Jinko Solar is currently the world's largest solar panel manufacturer and has a good track record for producing cost-effective reliable solar panels for residential and commercial applications. 

On the back of several record-breaking solar cell efficiency records and innovations, Jinko Solar has emerged as one of the industry leaders in research and development and is now pushing the transition to higher-performance N-type cells with the new Tiger series panels.

This brand is getting very popular in Zimbabwe for its exceptional performance. It is not a coincidence that many solar installers mention it when the talk is about the best solar panel brands. 

But what is in the Jinko that Zimbabweans have developed sweet feelings with it?


Well, first things first guys. Let us talk about the manufacturer for a minute. According to Wikipedia, Jinko is currently the world’s largest solar manufacturer, shipping 11.4GW of modules in 2018! 
The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Jinko Solar Panels Review (Updated 2023)
The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Jinko Solar Panels Review (Updated 2023)
Jinko Solar’s headquarters are located in China, and it is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It also shows that this brand is accepted worldwide. 


Firstly, the Jinko 320w eagle looks very nice. It has a uniform dark blue surface which kind of blends well with the outer anodized aluminum alloy frame. In this aspect, some solar panels do not have a uniform surface and they look patchy. That is not the case with the 320w eagle. Furthermore, the cable terminations at the back panel are neatly placed at an angle so that its leads do not break when disturbed. Neatly drilled holes are also strategically placed to allow for easy installation and grounding.

As for performance, this solar panel has a good performance of 19.37%. I remember an installation that we did, which had 9 of these and gave out slightly above 3000watts. We were very impressed because this solar array surpassed its rated power output by almost 200watts. Because the front glass has an anti-reflecting coating plus a low iron tempered glass, it performs well in low light settings. 

The Eagle’s power output and surface area are also noteworthy. Although it slightly looks smaller than ordinary, it can surprise you with its power output. That is an advantage of it having the PERC technology. PERC means Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact. This is a new technology Solarcom uses to achieve higher energy conversion efficiency. 

Hence, the next time you see this PERC written next to any solar panel, remember it also has this technology. This technology is special in that it increases solar panel output by almost 1%.

If you are looking forward to offsetting your electricity bill, the Jinko is one of the best buys. During the day, you can power your appliances from the sun whilst pumping the excess into your battery bank. This way you will offset any bills associated with electricity as you will be able to generate sufficient energy to satisfy your needs.

Jinko Solar Panels Summary

Jinko Solar did not become the world’s largest solar panel producer purely by luck. Until recently, the company didn’t focus on manufacturing the most efficient panels but rather mass-producing the most cost-effective and reliable panels built on tried and proven PV cell technologies. However, JinkoSolar’s emphasis on research and development is now helping push the solar industry towards new high-performance cell technologies. 

The release of the Tiger N-type and Neo TOPCon panels featuring tiling ribbon technology highlights Jinko’s innovative manufacturing techniques to help increase efficiency while keeping costs down.
The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Jinko Solar Panels Review (Updated 2022)
Mr. Gener Miao - Chief Marketing Officer At Jinko Solar

With Jinko Solar’s good track record and solid market position, they are certainly one of the better choices for those looking for reliable, cost-effective solar panels. In particular, the Tiger range of panels which have already proven to be a very popular choice for residential and commercial installations.

On the battery storage front, JinkoSolar is a very new player and it will take some time is establish itself in this rapidly growing space. That being said, Jinko made a good move to build some of its energy storage systems around Deye hybrid inverters rather than starting from scratch. Deye Group has been building power conversion equipment since 2007, so they have a solid foundation. 

However, they do not yet have an established service network outside of Asia, so Jinko will need to build out its established local service centres to cater to energy storage.

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