The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Canadian Solar Panels Overview and Review (Updated 2023)

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With two decades of experience in solar panel manufacturing, Canadian Solar has earned a good reputation as being one of the more reliable suppliers of affordable solar panels for residential and commercial applications. 

Despite being one of the top six solar panel manufacturers globally, Canadian Solar is generally quite conservative as they don’t rush into pushing out the latest technologies. However, the recently released HiKu6 and HiKu7 Series Panels feature the latest PV cell innovations and are some of the most efficient lower-cost panels available.
The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Canadian Solar Panels Overview and Review (Updated 2022)
Shawn Qu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Solar Inc.
In Zimbabwe, you cannot afford to talk about Solar Panels without mentioning Canadian Solar. To tell the truth, Canadian Solar is the favourite Solar Panel Brand in Zimbabwe.


However, this brand awareness did not come on a silver platter. The Canadian Solar Panel deserves it. To mention just the tip of the iceberg, Canadian Sola Inc. achieved first place Top Bankable Manufacturer by Bloomberg in 2020. 

Also, for the last 3 years since 2017, Bloomberg named Canadian solar Inc. Tier 1 solar company. We can spend the whole day talking about Canadian Solar’s achievements but today however is not the day. Let’s talk about how this is portrayed in Canadian Solar’s KuPower 325w solar panel.

The term used by Canadian Solar Inc. ‘Ku’ refers to a solar panel operating cooler than standard solar panels. The main difference between Ku solar panels and other ordinary solar panels is the dual cell and dual module technology used to manufacture the 325w CANADIAN solar panel.


To relate, dual cell technology is an innovation whereby a solar cell is cut in half to split the path of current. This results in low current flow in the solar panel cells and thus minimized power loss. This means that less heat is generated by the solar panel and hence better efficiency.

On the other hand, the dual module technology makes this Canadian solar panel operate like 2 panels in one. This helps with a very good shading tolerance. To illustrate, when an ordinary solar panel’s bottom half is partly shaded, the whole solar panel ceases to produce electricity. However, the 325w KuPower will only have the bottom part affected and the top part still producing power. Therefore, even though the panel will have its bottom half shaded, it will still give out power. This enables us to fit them where there are tight spaces. With a staggering efficiency of 19.6%, the KuPower speaks for itself about why it is a lovable brand.

Looking at the build quality, Canadian solar never disappoints. The surface is made in such a way that it minimizes micro-cracks, making the panel last for decades of operation. One of the main features that make the 325w Canadian solar panel stand out is that it offers value. Investing in solar is generally about the return on investment and when Canadian solar is priced affordably, the return on investment is very attractive. The Canadian solar panel can work in cloudy conditions without compromising too much power. 

Thus, this guarantees you that you will always be harvesting energy, especially here in Zimbabwe where the sun is in abundance.

Summary Canadian Solar Panels Overview and Review:

Canadian Solar panels are generally very well regarded among consumers and solar professionals and considered great value for money. As the fifth-largest solar panel manufacturer in the world, Canadian solar is high volume producer offering a wide range of panels which typically compete directly with Trina Solar and Jinko Solar on price, performance and reliability. 

Although, unlike the aforementioned brands, they do not currently produce panels using N-type cells. The latest HiKu series is the most popular panel which uses the latest mono PERC MBB cells to boost efficiency levels well above 20%.

Canadian Solar offer a standard 12 year manufacturers warranty period on most models, and a 25-year performance warranty with generally good service and support in the event of a warranty claim.

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