Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems In Zimbabwe

In solar water pumping systems, the solar panel converts the solar radiant energy into electrical energy, and then the electrical energy drives the water pump running, then pump water for agriculture.

Solar photovoltaic technology is the most advanced technology in energy utilization technology and is considered to be the most promising new technology in the future. The solar water pumping system is light and convenient, manoeuvrable and flexible, and has a wide range of applications and a good economy. It is not only an important means of water supply in remote areas without electricity but also an ideal water supply method in other areas and fields. 

The solar water pumping system can be used for the water supply of people and animals in villages, pastures, and households. It can also be combined with water-saving irrigation for farmland and artificial grassland irrigation. Thanks to the growth in demand in the agricultural sector, the revenue of the African solar water pumping system market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20% from 2018 to 2024, and Zimbabwe is undoubtedly one of the top priorities market for solar water pump manufacturers in china.

Shepherd, Mars’s friend from Zimbabwe. 
Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems In Zimbabwe
Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems In Zimbabwe
He runs farms in Zimbabwe and the Central African Republic. There is a 20KW AC water pump on his farm, which is powered by diesel generators. Diesel is expensive, so it is hoped to use solar energy to power the water pump. The solar water pump system for agriculture is a new product for him, so he initially wanted to install a smaller solar water pump system for agriculture for testing. If it runs smoothly, install a high-power solar water pump system for agriculture in the future. 

This time he chose a 750W solar water pump system for agriculture. This system is equipped with 4 pieces of 265W solar panels and corresponding controllers, 750W48V DC pumps and required connecting wires. The solar water pump system for agriculture has been tested well, which has increased Shepherd's confidence in the use of solar water pump systems for agriculture. 

Next, we will continue to cooperate to provide solar power generation systems for 20KW AC pumps.

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