Competitive Solar Product Prices - Power Up Your World with Sona Solar Zimbabwe!

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At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we are devoted to democratizing solar energy access by providing affordable solutions for both residential and commercial applications nationwide. 

Our pricing breakdown encompasses a wide array of solar products to cater to diverse requirements. From solar panels like the popular 405W Jinko Solar and high-efficiency 545W Yingli panels, to inverters ranging from budget-friendly options such as the 1500W Power Inverter to premium choices like the Epever hybrid inverter, we offer solutions for all budgets and system sizes. 

Explore our lithium battery selection, including economical options such as the Polaris 12V 100ah and premium brands like the Pylontech UP5000. Complete your solar system with our comprehensive range of equipment, including mounting kits, cables, charge controllers, and more. Our competitive pricing, coupled with expert guidance in custom system design, aims to empower you in embracing a sustainable future with solar energy. 
Competitive Solar Product Prices - Power Up Your World with Sona Solar Zimbabwe!
Competitive Solar Product Prices - Power Up Your World with Sona Solar Zimbabwe!
Take the first step towards reducing electricity bills, enhancing energy independence, and contributing to a cleaner environment. Contact Sona Solar Zimbabwe today for a personalized consultation and discover the benefits of solar power tailored to your unique needs. 

Please note that prices are subject to change, and meticulous planning with our team is essential for a bespoke solar solution.

Competitive Solar Product Prices - Power Up Your World with Sona Solar Zimbabwe!

At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we are committed to making solar energy accessible and affordable for homes and businesses across the country. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of our current pricing for various solar products:

Solar Panels:

We offer a variety of solar panel options to suit different needs and budgets. Prices start at just $50 for a 100W panel and go up based on wattage and brand. Here are some highlights:
  • Popular options include 405W Jinko Solar panels for $75 and 460W Canadian Solar panels for $85.
  • For higher efficiency, we have 545W Yingli solar panels for $130 and 555W Jinko Solar panels (limited stock) for $120.

Solar Inverters:

Inverters convert DC electricity from your solar panels into usable AC electricity for your appliances. Our inverter selection caters to various system sizes and budgets:
  • Affordable options include a 1500W Power Inverter for $95 and a 900Va Luminous hybrid inverter for $150.
  • We offer Must hybrid inverters ranging from 1kva for $195 to 5kva Must premium for $400.
  • For larger systems, we have options like the Epever hybrid inverter for $685 and Sunsynk inverters starting at $1250.

Solar Batteries:

Battery storage allows you to save excess solar energy for use at night or during outages. Here are some of the Lithium batteries we offer:
  • Budget-friendly options include Polaris 12v 100ah lithium battery for $335 and Svolt Lithium battery 24v 100ah for $535.
  • We also have premium brands like Pylontech UP5000 for $1350 and Freedom won lithium battery 48v 100ah for $1250 (subject to availability).

Additional Solar Equipment:

Sona Solar Zimbabwe provides a comprehensive range of solar equipment to complete your solar system:
  1. Mounting Kits: Galvanized rails start at $18 for 6 meters, with various clamps and brackets available.
  2. Cables: DC and battery cables come in different sizes, starting at $1/meter.
  3. Breakers/isolators and Fuses: Prices vary depending on amperage (A).
  4. PVC surface boxes: These range from $7 for a 4-way box to $35 for a 24-way DB box.
  5. Trunking: Various sizes available, starting at $5 for 16x25mm white.
  6. Other Accessories: Adjustable Voltage Protectors, Weekly Timer switches, Surge Protective Devices, Change Over Switches, and more.
  7. Charge Controllers: We offer PWM and MPPT charge controllers, with prices ranging from $25 for a 30A PWM to $300 for a 100A MPPT controller.
  8. Battery Disconnect: F-Disconnect starts at $35, with fuses available separately.

Special Notes:

  • Prices are subject to change. Please contact Sona Solar Zimbabwe for the latest pricing and availability information.
  • We offer competitive pricing on solar products and installation services.
  • Our team of experts can help you design a custom solar system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Invest in a Sustainable Future with Sona Solar Zimbabwe

By choosing solar power, you'll not only reduce your electricity bills and reliance on the grid, but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for Zimbabwe. Contact Sona Solar Zimbabwe today for a free consultation and explore how solar power can benefit you!

Remember: These prices provide a general overview. Contact our solar experts for a personalized quote tailored to your specific solar energy needs.

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